1st post, or 300th post?

First, a quick introduction. My name’s Jason, and I’ve been blogging since about 2003. It’s been very much an on or off thing, with periods of almost daily posting contrasted with other, more frequent periods when I can’t seem to find the time to write and post. This marks the fourth blogging service I’ve used. Blogger (didn’t like the look or feel), TypePad (loved it, but it cost a monthly fee), iWeb (I think it’s great for personal web sites, but not straight, text-oriented blogs), and now WordPress. I really, really hope this’ll last many years. If I keep this up for any real length of time, I’ll somehow link over to my other blogs and announce this one at the same time. We’ll see. 

So, what’s this blog about? I’m not really sure right now. I do know what it’ll not cover: my personal life. I have another web site for that (run on the aforementioned Apple iWeb software). Other than that, it’s up for grabs. I can tell you that what made me start this blog this morning was last night’s unfortunate nod to a Democrat president for the next four years. I’ll save my specific comments about that until the next post, though. So yes, it’ll be mostly political, I’d assume, but I’m sure I’ll wander.

One interesting recent development that might make a difference in my posting frequency is the Apple iPhone, of which I’m an owner of. If you’re not familiar with it, the key thing to know is that you can download and run applications on it, including one from WordPress. This may — no guarantees, of course — assist me in actually posting regularly. We’ll see. It’s definitely interesting, though.

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