How Bad Is It?

I’ll now have to get used to saying President Obama. How unfortunate. How surprising. How depressing. 

Yes, I’m a conservative, and no, I’m not a happy person today, the day after the 2008 election. In the run up to yesterdays historic election, I learned much about Barack Obama, and nothing has changed my opinion that he’s extremely liberal, completely inexperienced for the job, and dangerously ignorant of the world in general. I believe he’s too slick. Too polished. I think that anyone who, when they speak, causes shivers to run up the leg of Chris Matthews is bound to be scary. 

So, the day after the election, where the American people have decided that I’m incorrect in my beliefs of the man, is it all that bad? Maybe, but given what I know about American history, probably not. While we now have Democrats controlling two out of three of the branches of government (and the third leans liberal), the same situation happened in 1992 and the Republic survived. I do believe that those in leadership positions now are more radicalized than those of 16 years ago, I believe in the moderating influence of the voter. If they attempt to overreach, they’ll get slapped hard, so that’ll help.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be damage. I think that the next four years will see some really bad mistakes, on par to the Carter Administration, both foreign and domestic. I do think there’s a lot of on the job learning that’s going to happen, and that increases the chance of mistakes being made. I hope I’m wrong, of course. I refuse to be one of those people, on either side of the fence, that hopes for problems just to point out, “I told you so!”. I do hope and pray that President-Elect Obama learns quickly, governs wisely, and inspires a nation. I’m just… very, very worried.

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