Happy Thanksgiving (Yes, Late, but Still…)

Yes, it’s Black Friday now (what a horrible sounding name for a day), and not Thanksgiving, so what am I doing posting this? I wasn’t going to. I can’t imagine many people read this blog as of yet, as I haven’t started to really advertise it. Any attempt to find newly discovered meaning in this holiday will likely fall flat on it’s face: almost all has been said. Still, sometimes one can find something special, especially in this networked age. I found a column on NRO, written by Bill Whittle, one of the great essayists of our time. Read it — it only takes a few minutes. I’ll wait.

Back? Good. It’s at the same time sad, and elating, I think. For those that lied and didn’t follow through, here’s a paragraph that really struck me. Bill Whittle has always been very good at showing to the reader how amazing the world is in which we live.

My office is located just a few blocks from LAX. Driving in to work today, I watched a Qantas 747 rotate, climb into a clear blue sky, and head on out to sea. I’ve been on that flight… twelve and a half hours at 85 percent of the speed of sound, and nothing but water after the first mile. We watch movies and eat dinner, perhaps sleep for a while, eight miles above the earth, flying through the sub-zero air with the speed of a musket ball.

And if you think about it, yeah. Wow. Thanks to my family and friends, God and country. Don’t spend too much this weekend, and get those lights up!

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