Democrat Cognitive Dissonance

This paragraph in a story on the WSJ struck me when I read it:

WASHINGTON — Democratic congressional leaders, eager to trumpet that change has come to Washington, are looking to enact quickly a series of popular bills in January in such areas as renewable energy, children’s health care and embryonic stem-cell research.

In one hand, it’s all about saving life, and on the other, it’s about destroying it. The scary part is that about half of this country (give or take) would argue to their last breath that it’s completely different things. I know that if you, the reader, is pro-choice, that this is pretty darn unlikely to make a dent in how you see things, but the New Atlantis article explains an old argument that because a embryo/zygote/fetus doesn’t look like a human being, it cannot be one. It’s called the acron and oak tree argument, and it’s worth reviewing.

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