Want an Update On the Gaza Situation?

I don’t have tons of free time, but I have a large appetite for information. Sound familiar? Yeah, I’m not alone on this one. So, there’s a high premium on good sources of both raw news and analysis. For foreign policy relating to the War on Terror, The Long War Journal is an especially good blog to read. Here’s their last update on Israel’s current battle in Gaza against Hamas. A little analysis, but mostly just the hard facts. The bias there is is the opposite of what you’d find in the AP or Reuters, which is a good thing.

Trusted sources of information are going to be more and more important as the old guards of mass media shatter, splinter, and are eclipsed by new media. This is happening now, and will continue in the future. While managing the consumption of those sources of information and analysis is awfully important, the first thing thing to worry about is finding the sources in the first place.

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