Windows XP Holdouts

So, this has been a recurring theme lately in the Windows world. Those users that dare not to update their Windows XP installations to Windows Vista. I mean, how dare they? A lot of people try to point to some not-so-great reviews for the reason (increased memory use, annoying notifications, etc.). I’m sure this is part of it, but I think a much bigger reason is the price, as well as all the versions available to choose from. Now the concerns are that Windows 7, due either at the end of this year or early the next, will have the same upgrade issues.

My prediction is that yes, it will. First, if they had only two versions: Home and Business, and if they matched Apple’s MacOS X price for a home version, they would sell like hot cakes (like upgrades to Mac OS X do). $129 for one computer, and $199 for up to five computers in a single household. Think they will? Unfortunately, I’d be shocked if they did. Here’s hoping, though. I can’t wait for their pricing/marketing plans to be announced.

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