Five Years Old?

A quickie post by Mark Steyn on the National Review’s blog The Corner caught my eye this late insomniac evening, in reference to an English middle schooler that may be a father at age 13. A reader had pointed out something pretty telling in the original source material on the Telegraph:

Britain has the highest underage pregnancy rate in western Europe, despite channelling substantial resources into sex education for children as young as five.

One of Steyn’s readers points out: “On this side of the pond we would say “because of” or “due to;” perhaps you could explain this alternate British meaning of “despite” to your American readers?” Yeah, bingo. Now, to me (as well as the reader and, presumably, Mark Steyn) this is common sense. Starting sex education for preschoolers is a problem in this situation, and not the solution. What I think is interesting is that this is an opinion blog. The Telegraph is straight news, and yet to that staff journalist, it’s common sense that sex education for preschoolers would obviously lower teen pregnancies. Obviously.

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