Bush = Chimp is OK, Obama = Chimp racist?

This is just too obvious and easy. The New York Post published a cartoon that some inferred constituted calling President Obama a chimp. Immediately, black leaders, such as Rev. Sharpton, flipped out with calls of racism. No where in the CNN article about this row (isn’t that a British term?) does it mention that it was common for President Bush to be called a chimp by the Angry Left when he was in office. That, of course, wasn’t racist, since Bush is white.

Does this make any sort of sense? Take a step back and think about it. So, what can the Angry Right call the new president without being labeled as racist? I think there needs to be a term that indicates a below level IQ, but does not draw attention to his skin color, all things being equal. Let’s see: how about a dog? Oh, that’s insulting to Muslims. Neanderthal? On the right track.

By the way, I don’t think that Obama has a below average IQ — and neither does Bush. To really, honestly think either one of those is honestly, well, crazy.

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