Bobby Jindal Even More Impressive in the Morning

The “State of the Union” speech last night from the President wasn’t anything unexpected. Those that have been paying attention could have probably written the speech. I was much more interested in seeing Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana. I’ve read about him in the National Review, but I’d never actually heard him speak. Verdict: fairly impressive. His speech was a bit clipped and he looked to be a bit nervous, but all in all, impressive. This guy is only 37 years old, remember. The content wasn’t anything surprising either, but was upbeat and made no bones about it: we’re the loyal opposition, and we’re going to call you on things when we see ’em. Here’s the video:

I read from various sources that Governor Jindal is usually much more impressive than he was last night, though. I watched this morning’s appearance on the Today Show, and I agree.

Here’s the video: wow. This might be the Great Young Hope for the Republican Party. Way, way too early to tell either way, but I like the little I’ve seen. I’m going to keep my eyes on this guy over the next few years, and cross my fingers.

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