Nazis, Lebanon, and Journalists: Let the Fun Begin!

I just finished reading Michael Totten’s account of a little scuff up in the streets of Beirut. It’s a pretty good read, and even outside of politics, it’s a good reminder to:

1. Be willing to deal with the consequences of your actions, and,
2. Realize that there are places in the world that aren’t as safe as say, Tigard, Oregon.

Michael J. Totten: Christopher Hitchens and the Battle of Beirut

Our assailant identified himself to the policeman, and the officer took three steps back as though he did not want any trouble. He could have unholstered his weapon and stopped the attack on the spot, but even Lebanon’s armed men of the law fear the Syrian Social Nationalist Party.

Read the whole thing. These are basically western journalists versus Lebanese/Syrian Nazis. Excellent. Nazis, unlike communists, are pretty much universally despised in the western world. The ultimate villains. Part of me is kind of envious (a very small part). I’d like to think that I would act with conviction in a situation like that, but I don’t think you really know until you’re in it.

I wish someone had a solution to the Lebanese “problem”, but I have a feeling that the best you can hope for in that part of the world is short periods of relative calm. It’s incredibly telling that the policeman didn’t want to get involved.

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