Hot Dog Madness!

I’ll always consider James Lileks to be the pioneer of this particular food genre: the tracking down of horrible foodie ideas from the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s (usually to pimp particular brands of foods into unnatural and disturbing creations), show them, and proceed to make fun of them (buy the book!). Still, Spanno at Amazon’s Al Dente blog does a fine job of it.

And darn it, the last one (bacon!) doesn’t look that bad, if perhaps a bit difficult to eat. The rest, though — especially the Frankfurter Spectacular — is downright horrible.

Now to get your appetite back, realize there are thousands of very good foodie blogs out there, and lots with pictures. This one, for example, has me prematurely hungry: Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Fresh Spinach Salad. Good Lord yum.

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