Why Unarmed?

I just read a news article on the LA Times site saying that the the U.S. crew for that ship that was hijacked by Somalia pirates have taken control back. Good for them. This stuck out, though:

Less than 12 hours later, the 20-member crew — which was unarmed, according to the ship’s owner — managed to overpower the pirates and regain control of the vessel, according to U.S. officials.

OK, now, why in the world would you send a shipping vessel loaded full of stuff past Somalia these days, and not arm your crew? It’s great that they fought back without arms, but why should they? No where in the article says why this would be, and I would think it’s a pretty obvious question, don’t you?

These pirates aren’t SEAL teams. I’m not saying they aren’t tough and aren’t killers, but they aren’t that professional. Perhaps one of the reasons they’re pirating with such impunity is because there doesn’t seem to be much danger involved.

My dollar will win you two that one of the reasons these crew members are unarmed involves the risk of lawsuits.

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