Half Way with the Social Networking

Last week I read an interesting post from one of my favorite authors: Charles Stross. I’m actually reading one of his first published novels right now, the Atrocity Archives. Freaky book. Back on topic now. In last week’s post he talks about he doesn’t do the whole social media thing. Basically, he recognizes his inability to control himself, and such activity would lead to, well, not doing anything else. Given that I look forward to his future work, I’m completely behind this work ethic.

While I certainly have a social media presence online — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. — I do share one ethic with him: all these games and other various side things that some of these services have. Mafia Wars! Poker! Complete your profile! Yeah, whatever. There’s just too much. I have over a 100 friends on Facebook right now — a vast majority of them I’m fortunate to either call friend, or did call friend at some point in my life. That’s great, and I’m blessed. Still, I don’t see myself giving out energy packs to my friends just because someone gave me the same earlier today. I mean, great, thanks, but I don’t play. And Facebook Causes are just weird most of the time. I get invited to join Causes (note the capital) that I have no or almost no connection to. I mean, it’s very sad that little kids get cancer. I understand that desire to help, and I can only imagine the pain that families in that situation go through, but if I were to join every Cause that qualifies as Sad or Enraging with a simple click on Facebook, well. What good am I doing? What good are you doing? Nada. I guess you’re making yourself feel better, right? Unless you also happen to give money/time/energy to that cause, it’s pure platitudes.

Don’t get me started on Green Patch. I mean, what?

This isn’t do bring down the great things that Facebook and all the rest bring to me and mine. I’ve talked to people recently that I hadn’t heard from in well over a decade — maybe two. That’s powerful stuff. Bring able to let your friends and family follow your day-to-day life in all it’s boring detail: that’s fantastic. But seriously, I just don’t see myself playing poker online any time soon.

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