Two Diet Articles Worth Reading

The old saying goes that as soon as the experts say that such and such is good for you, a new study comes out completely wiping that old conventional wisdom away. That’s somewhat true, but still, there has been a consensus slowly evolving about what makes a good diet, and how best to lose weight. One thing to understand is that there are powerful forces at play that work against the right answers being found and applied across humanity. Long held ideas sometimes can take generations to be displaced. Powerful business interests get in the way of changes in the American diet. And most obviously, people don’t like to be told that what they like to eat is bad for them and is probably killing them. I know I don’t. All these things slow down transitions to different eating patterns, regardless of what research is showing.

Still, as I said, consensus is building. Eat less refined sugars. Pay attention to the glycemic index of what you eat, and aim lower. Eat more protein for losing weight. Olive oil, nuts, green vegetables, and whole grains are fantastic for you. All obvious things if you pay attention, but study after study underlines this.

Here’s one linked by FuturePundit, focused upon what’s good for you, and another on the WSJ focused upon how better to lose weight.

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