The Angry Left

I’ve read a lot of reports of late about the Angry Left. I even wrote about it on this very blog a long time ago. There was a difference then, however: Republicans controlled things. Now the Left is in power across the political spectrum in the USA, and they are still spitting venom and pointing fingers wildly at any conservative that might be in their vision (read: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, presently). It’s like a CEO blaming some of their stockholders for the company under performing. Sure, they have some votes, but dude, you’re in charge.

Here’s a note from Transterrestrial Musings about it. Here’s a introspective note to his readers by Dana Milbank at the Washington Post. And finally, yeah, Janeane Garofalo is still flipping out.

So, what is it that makes them do this? A bunch of people protest spending 2 trillion dollars this year than we’re taking in, and they just don’t respectively disagree, but they are MAD about those that dare question it. It’s surreal. Dissent is patriotic, right?

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