The Fourth American Republic

Every once in a while, you read something that opens a door in your mind, allowing you to see things around you with noticeably more clarity. I haven’t had time to get this up of late, but I read this last week and the more I think about it, the more I think James DeLong has it nailed. He believes that a new governmental structure — a new polity — is coming, and fairly soon, and that the one that’s existed since the New Deal is just about dead. You know what? I agree. Read it all, and let me know what you think.

Obama talks about change, but really, his policies are just business as usual turned up to 11. Bush pushes through a medication plan? He wants to socialize medicine. Clinton wanted to increase taxes? He wants to cut deductions on charitable giving. The 90’s had a tech bubble, the 00’s, had a real estate bubble — I think Obama is ushering in the government spending bubble, pushing things to rediculous levels that cannot be sustained. I mean, 2 trillion deficit? Break out your Dr. Evil pose, pinky up with a smirk. It’s crazy. The only positive thing is that bubbles break, and when that happens, sanity and equilibrium come back into vogue.

When will the transition come and what will it look like? In a perfect world, it would be peaceful and very soon. I sure hope so. Mr. DeLong makes a good point, though: in each of the last transition, they were marked with lots of blood spilt, either on American soil or overseas, each on a scale that makes the Iraq War look like a small theater battle. But past performance, as they say, isn’t indicitive of the future, right? Have we learned from the past?

One thing to note about his writing: he’s not breaking things down to the tired old Republican vs. Democrat sides. The past 70 years are all the same thing, differing only in intensity of the special interest pain. So, before leaping to defend your favorite politician, realize that this piece isn’t an rah rah go Republicans piece. Back away from the dogmatic lens slowly and open your eyes.

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