One Less Excuse Not to Have Babies in Your 40’s

If you or your wife are over 40, there’s one more reason to have a baby later in life: to have an idea if you’re going to be longer lived than average. Well, perhaps that isn’t a great reason, but it’s still interesting. Basically, a study was just published showing that women who had babies into their 40’s, on average, lived longer than those who didn’t. The implication here isn’t that having babies later in your life makes you live longer, but those that can have babies later in live also tend to live longer than those who cannot. One more step along the way to locating, and then manipulating, genes that will allow us to start seriously extending healthy life.

I read today from another blogger an offhanded comment: dying at 75 now seems almost too young. Hopefully by the time I’m 75, they’ll be saying the same about 110. Bring on actuarial escape velocity!

Life expectancy increases slightly every year as treatment strategies and technologies improve. At present, more than one year of research is required for each additional year of expected life. Actuarial escape velocity occurs when this ratio reverses, so that expected years of remaining life actually increases each year.

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