Toddler Learning Processes

This is over a week old now, but just now I finally found time to watch this 3 minutes of video on this post over at Baby Babble. If you have a toddler in the house, it’s pretty interesting. The question that researchers were trying to answer was this: do toddlers live only in the present, or do they plan for the future — anticipate events — like adults do? The answer actually has real consequences on how a parent interacts with their child. How you teach them, especially when regards to learning from their mistakes, is impacted. One of Amazon’s many blogs is on the case with this, linking to some research at the University of Colorado at Boulder:

Pretty much every parent has experienced–or in the case of new or soon to be parents, will experience–the frustration resulting from what appears to be their child not listening to them. Of course, while true that children sometimes do not listen to their parents, research recently released from University of Colorado at Boulder claims that there may be something else going on inside your child. In a nutshell that she/he may be “storing information away for later.”

Amazon’s entry has the embedded video, so I’m not going to bother. It’s pretty interesting. I’ll try to remember this with my own toddler.

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