Wannabe Oregon Terrorist Sentenced

From Instapundit, a link to a story on the Knoxville News site about a conviction in a New York court concerning the guy (a Lebanese born Swede) trying to setup a Muslim terrorist site in southern Oregon. How strange. Anyway, this is great news. I remember when the news of this camp being busted original broke, and it really brought it to home now even in the Great Northwest, you have some dangerous religious wackos planning to kill us.

Another lesson for me with this story is how incredibly small the world has become. I mean, a Lebanese born Swede recruiting for al Qaeda in Oregon? This underlines how, again, America does not have the option of burying it’s head in the sand and wishing the world to leave it alone. If we disengage from the kinetic fight — and we probably will, due to both our current administration’s policies and simple and serious financial pressures — the world will get scarier and more dangerous and yes, more Americans will die. Technology, like what has made the world so much smaller, cannot be put back into the bag.

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