Suburban Survivalists or Just Preparedness?

I saw this over at today, and had to post it. I’m still wary about the term “survivalist” being used in this context, but what they hey. It’s a reasonably fair handed article, I guess. The important thing to point out here is that people aren’t stocking up — for the most part — because they believe that the U.N. are going to come and take their guns away in black helicopters. It’s because they believe that it wouldn’t take much to cause their families to go hungry if they aren’t prepared. That doesn’t necessarily mean some huge economic breakdown: it could just mean a lay off at their job. Hardly crazy. It could mean a state enforced pandemic lockdown in your house. Not looney in the least.

I’d say that people that only have a couple days of food in their fridge with a whole family depending on them as crazy. Not the folks described in this article.

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