Middle School Protesters Cutting Class in Tigard

Yesterday at the local middle school, a bunch of students decided to cut class and protest some teacher layoffs (just like their grandparents did! (kinda)) that are likely coming down the pike. Interesting topic at the dinner table: is cutting class for this reason a good thing or not? I’d say that as long as they were ready to suffer the consequences, then it’s a valuable teaching lesson about both civic disobedience as well as economic realities. After they got their nod from the media, though, they probably had gotten what they could out of the stunt. Note, though, that simply saying you’re protesting and ready the suffer the consequences doesn’t make it something to be proud of; I think there’s a knee jerk reaction to the word “protest”, especially from the Left, that all dissidence is a great thing.

Probably most interesting to me, though, is where the students cast blame and how they’re starting to come to their own conclusions about things, and not just regurgitating what they’ve heard from adults (even though there’s plenty of that, too). Here’s a comment from one of the young dissidents, a “katlynLS”. Note the comment about “paying back money to banks and paying their taxes” (sic):

I am a student at Fowler Middle School, and i was in the protest. Now i know that people say that this generation is a selfish one but most of us do care about the people and the world around us. We did this for a reson and that reson is that we just got money to get more teachers for things like health and spanish…ect. things like that! But now its all being taken away from us! Now you may not think that we know what is going on with the comunity but we do we just want to show that we care and get our piont across!
Some of the kids yes did not care about the teachers and only did it to skip school but the kids that did this for the teachers got punishment that were not right yeah they knew were we were and refurals were so uncalled for maybe a lunch or an after school detention.
Yes we were skiping school but even Mr.Rice knew why we did it and was proud of us i hope that the econamy will get better before the next school year! i would hate for a pregnent spanish teacher to get layed off her first year. Or a new health teacher Mrs. pollici, we didnt have a health class the past year or 2 because we didnt have a teacher right for the job but now we have a perfect strict but funny and fun teacher!
SO PEOPLE THAT ARNT PAYING BACK MONEY TO BANKS AND PAYIN THERE TAXES THINK ABOUT YOUR COMUNITY. you may be effecting the people you know and love. please..voters of USA help with your cominity and help your schools around you we need your help!

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