Yeah, This Is One Thing I Wouldn’t Do

Don’t ask me how I located this page: on the interwebs, anything can happen. Did you know there was something called the Schmidt Pain Index? It was created by a researcher that poked and prodded stinging/biting insects until they caused him pain. I guess you can’t say his job is boring. And no, he says he’s not a masochist: just dedicated to his field. Right. Now, I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but dude.

Now, do NOT click this link to the article if you have, oh, I don’t know, some psychological thing about ants (wife!). There’s a close up of a bullet ant, right out of my own uncomfortable dreams. (My nightmares usually consist of losing things or regrets, not external threats. Yeah. Weird, I know.) Now, if you clicked through, and think you’re all that and a ball of mozzarella, go ahead and go to this page: The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World. You know what’s great about Oregon? Yeah, none of these guys.


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