Save the Bats?

This came up on my radar this morning:

WA state biologist: wind project could pose risk
Bats, birds abide Skamania wind project site, biologist says

So, a proposal from a private company to build out 75 megawatts of clean energy is getting heat for the potential of bat and raptor death. We’re in the midst of a bad recession, fossil fuels are continuing a long term upward trend, and (putting aside my feelings about it), there’s concern about climate change due to burning too much oil, natural gas, and coal — and we’re talking bats.

This reminds me somewhat of Ted Kennedy’s fight against clean energy on the Nantucket Sound a few years ago. What does this teach us? Perfection doesn’t exist, and you need to prioritize. Ted showed his priorities with that wind farm (my view is more important than clean energy). We’ll see where the priorities lay with this wind project in the Gorge.

One response to “Save the Bats?

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