More Attacks on Clean Power in the Columbia Gorge

I posted a few weeks ago about an attack on the possible wind farm going up near White Salmon in the Columbia River Gorge because it was going to kill some bats. Now it’s the view that’s the reason. Let me say this plainly: this Rory Westberg has his priorities really, really messed up. Let’s see: clean power and you can see man made structures from the Gorge, or more reliance upon foreign fossil fuels? It’s so obvious as to be almost stupid to ask. You know, unless you pay attention to Ted Kennedy. He was a big proponent of foreign oil over hurting his view in Cape Cod, Mass. Welcome to the Kennedy Club, Mr. Westberg.

Gosh, I wonder what’s next? The sound of the towers a problem? How about the poor squirrels that might not notice them and bump their little cute heads on the metal? I know! Let’s get more oil out of Saudi sand! That makes a lot more sense!


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