89% of Americans Happy With Their Medical Care

Good editorial over at the Washington Times. Make no mistake: the reason President Obama and the Democrat Congress are pushing this so hard has nothing to do with improving health care in our country, or even helping the uninsured. All indications are that this will starkly degrade our health care system while pushing our country closer to financial collapse. So why are they doing it? It’s a massive power grab by the political class. Simply, it’s about money and power. I’ve never seen an Administration as nakedly power hungry as the Obama’s in my lifetime. I used to think he’s an idealist (which was scary enough, considering his ideals), but no: he’s just a very gifted Chicago politician. Here’s the truth:

There’s no reason to nationalize health care because most Americans are happy with the coverage they receive — including most of those who don’t have health insurance.

Eighty-nine percent of Americans are satisfied with their own personal medical care, according to an article in Regulation magazine this week. Of those with insurance who had suffered a serious illness during the last year, 93 percent were satisfied; 95 percent of those who suffered chronic illness were satisfied with their health care.

It’s not to late to fight. If you have a few minutes, click over to Bill Whittle’s video on PJTV. He has a voice from our past talking about this very threat.

2 responses to “89% of Americans Happy With Their Medical Care

  1. Well, this isn’t biased at all , is it?

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