Why You Should Love a Geek

Wired Magazine’s Matt Blum certainly makes a compelling case why geeky spouses kick butt. He lists out the top ten “endearing habits” of geeky spouses. My favorite:

4. Owning lots of really good, though not mainstream, books. We geeks tend to read a lot, and we tend to be pretty picky about the books we buy. For instance, it’s only in the past eight years, since the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, that Tolkien has become more mainstream. My wife had never read any Tolkien until we met, so after I pushed her for a while, we read The Hobbit together; she became a fan quickly.

Now, I’m already married to a geeky girl, so she also has some… interesting reading material. For the most part, though, the lists are different, which is a good thing.

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