I’m not sure how I feel about that particular made up word. It sounds like some ice cream containing hay. Anyway, this piece on the Wall Street Journal is as interesting as it is true.

Before his family moved to rural Clatskanie, Ore., Mr. Wiles says he was a classic “urban liberal” dweller, frequenting microbreweries, coffee shops and bookstores. Now his family lives on five acres where, in addition to horses, they also own goats and turkeys, among other animals.

He and his wife run an employment-services company for people with disabilities. One travels 60 miles to Portland several times a week for business; otherwise, they work from home. Mr. Wiles has learned to operate a compact tractor and built a horse shed, and he has acquired several guns. “Look, we’re not survivalists and storing powdered milk or anything like that, but if the s—- hits the fan, I can grow all the food I want and take care of my family,” he says. “It’s liberating.”

Yup. And this sort of view point shouldn’t be looked upon as strange or alarming. A guy wanting to take care of his family by setting up supplemental and backup systems of support, such as food production. This is a good thing, for both that family and for the country. Still, I think his comment is pretty funny. Oh my! You’re one of those powdered milk storing survivalists! Apparently the amount of powdered dairy one has is inversely proportionate to their sanity level.

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