Creepy Audi Super Bowl Commercial

This year’s crop of hyper-expensive Super Bowl commercials was, in this blogger’s opinion, a little underwhelming. A few stood out on the plus side, but man, did one stand out on the minus: the “green” Audi commercial. Yes, I know it was some sort of satire and meant to be taken with tongue firmly in cheek. Still, I just don’t get the impression that the maker’s of this piece of alt-history really got how scary this would be. They offer up this eco-totalitarian world where you can be arrested for all sorts of ridiculous things, but wait! Here’s your way out! The diesel Audi! Is the scenario impossible? Probably, but I’m positive that there are a small minority of people watching it that are nodding inwardly saying, “Well, of course we wouldn’t go through people’s garbage, but really, there oughta be a law about (fill in the blank eco-faux pas)”.

Anyway, watch for yourself. Am I just not seeing the humor in it? Does this help or hurt Audi’s brand?

[Update: 2/8/2010] Jim Geraghty noticed the same issues, and ties it in with Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism.

One response to “Creepy Audi Super Bowl Commercial

  1. I take it you have never been to Vermont …

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