Newsflash: Commutes Suck

Yeah, speaking the obvious here, I know. I was sitting here, before going to bed, thinking about today and what to write about. I reflected about just how much stuff I got done (don’t worry, I won’t list it off, since it’s mostly pretty mundane, every day things), considering it’s a work day. Then I thought of the big reveal for the day: commutes suck. Why? The reason I got all these things done and still had time to watch some TV before sitting in front of the computer is because I worked from home today. Since I drop the toddler and the wife off at their respect day time haunts on my way to work, I spend nearly two hours a day in the car. Today: zero.

It’s a rare thing for me, unfortuately. I have a software job, so theoretically it’s possible, but the pipes are just too small from here to my work (their side, not mine, really), so it’s just too inefficient. Anyway, I really look forward to the day where my commute is at or near zero minutes — every day. It’s coming, but not for a long while.

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