Defining the TEA Party

During my lunch break (it’s raining outside, so no hour long walk for me today), I read two excellent articles talking about how to define the TEA Party. The first one is from Hot Air, and focuses upon the Left’s neurosis regarding this definition:

The Tea Party movement is a political Andromeda Strain to the media, a baffling outbreak of viral unhappiness which has thus far defied every attempt at diagnosis. This is unsurprising, since the media has little interest in listening to what the Tea Party is actually saying. Instead, they attempt to stuff this remarkable grassroots movement into a variety of scary costumes, so they can be conveniently dismissed.

Read the whole thing, because he goes on to show the caricatures the Left creates to make themselves feel better. The second is from BigJouralism, Andrew Breitbart’s new blog. It actually finishes the job, explaining what the TEA Party is all about, in a simple, single sentence:

With that, let me tell you what the Tea Party movement wants. I will make it simple and straightforward and easy for all to understand — I will put it in all CAPS and type slowly:


Well, yeah, that works. You look at the people involved with the TEA Party, listen to the speeches made at their events, and read the quick interviews with the participants, and that single sentence sums it up pretty well. It’s actually pretty amazing, if you take the Constitution at its word and “be simple” about it, how much the government does that’s obviously unconstitutional. I mean that, too. In allowing the Federal Government to expand to its current rediculous size, the Supreme Court had to ignore and/or explain away key parts of the original Document. In many ways, large sections of the Consitution have been rendered meaningless over the course of the past 200 years. Read the 9th and 10th Amendments, then try to square them with our current reality. You can’t, using any measure of common sense. But, when the ambition of political leaders ran up against them, 9 Justices twisted themselves into pretzels and made it work.

Note to the Left: in a very real way, when attacking the TEA Party, you’re attacking the Founding Fathers, their ideas, and their hopes and dreams, as well.

One response to “Defining the TEA Party

  1. DysfunctionalParrot

    I’m always for protesting the current establishment. When a politician sweats, we’ve done our job as patriotic citizens.

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