The Catholic Church and Immigration

I read this article in the Portland Archdiocese’s newspaper, Catholic Sentinel, yesterday, and it brought back some old thoughts that I’ve struggled with over the years. The Catholic Church, at least in the United States, was very much for the “comprehensive immigration reform” effort from a couple years ago. I’ve never really understood how this issue got so polarized, and forgive me, stupid. Here’s an idea: close the borders down as tight as you can and start really clamping down on illegal immigrants (yes, they’re illegal — stop with the Orwellian nonsense of “undocumented”). On the other side of things, stream line the process of getting admitted to this country so it doesn’t take years to get in, but only months, and bump the amount allowed legally by a factor of 10. Don’t let felons in the country, or anyone with known connections to terrorist groups. There, done.

That plan doesn’t make either side happy, though. On one, you have people that honestly believe immigrants steal jobs from Americans. Ignorance. On the other, you have people that really want open borders, and damn the consequences. Felons skipping country? No problem! Terrorists? No problem! All I want to know is WHO is actually coming to live in my neighborhood.

This is covered ground on this blog, but what I never got was why the Catholic Church so fervently takes the later, open borders side of things. It’s just strange.

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