Julie & Julia: the Great and Not So Great

My wife and I sat down to the first adult movie we’ve seen in a while last night: Julie & Julia. It’s a year old now, so this isn’t breaking news, but this is how things go when you have kids. Slowly. So, first the good: Meryl Streep is fantastic as Julia Child. I’m not up on all the Oscar movies, but if she won Best Actress, it would be deserved. On the screen, she’s truly a force to be reckoned with. The picture also did a great job of advertising just how wonderful good French cooking can be, with all its decadent and wonderful components. Butter and cream! Sans tarder!

Now, the not so great. OK, so honestly, the Republican bashing wasn’t just annoying, it was weird. In one part of the story, her boss is chewing her out for (he believes) calling in sick just to blog. Out of the blue, he says, “Anyone else would fire you. A Republican would fire you!” OK, weird. It didn’t make me mad, really, but it did take me and my wife completely out of the story for a minute. There’s also a sub-plot with Julia’s husband being recalled to Washington, D.C. for some Senator McCarthy hearings. Now, I have no idea if this story was in the original Child book about her time in France — maybe — but it felt contrived. Hollywood really does have a psychological problem with the McCarthy hearings, in that they just cannot put it behind them. Guys, it was almost 60 years ago. It would be like Hollywood of the 50’s reminding you time and time again about the poor way the Anarchists were treated in the 1890’s. That would be bizarre too, don’t you think?

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