Getting in Trouble with Your Camera Phone

This story plays into every new Dad’s nightmares: how can I prove this kid is really mine? Well, maybe not every new Dad has this thought, but I remember reading about it when Daughter the Younger was just born. You think about being out with just your kid, and something comes up (that part’s never filled in), and suddenly you’re expected to prove the kid is yours. Not easy. It’s not like I carry around her birth certificate everywhere I go!

So this poor guy takes a snapshot of his son on a mall ride, and boom, he’s being accused of being a perv. I’m glad the guy stood up for himself, and I hope the security guard — at least — gets a good teachin’ about how taking pictures of your kid isn’t weird or dangerous. There’s a difference between some guy sitting all by himself in the park for extended periods of time taking photos of kids that obviously aren’t his and taking a snapshot of one particular kid you’re interacting with. Common sense should be a pretty easy indicator for right and wrong here.

Authority figures in both the United States and Great Britain — but especially Britain — has been progressively been getting more and more touchy with photo taking during this past decade. I think it’s part due to terrorist threats and the stress of living in a creeping panopticon type society that’s tweaking people out. Probably the worst trend in the States has been police trying to stop citizens from taking photographs of them doing their job in public. Instapundit has done a good job of tracking this trend. It’s flat out dangerous. (Who watches the watchers, and all that.) In a creeping surveillance society, it’s actually MORE important that authority itself gets surveilled more aggressively by the public.

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