Those Little Hotel Room Shampoos

When I stay at hotel rooms, I always keep the little shampoos that they give you. It’s a weird frugal thing I have, and always have had. Still, I know that a lot of people leave them half used in the hotel showers.

A couple weeks ago, I was at a meeting at my church, and there was a discussion going on about getting goods and supplies together for a sister parish we have in Shiprock, New Mexico. Some of the items they need there are soap and shampoo, and I wondered aloud were all the unused portions of shampoo at hotels goes when the room’s cleaned. It was assumed that, well, it gets thrown away. That makes sense, right? The hotel would be liable if they gave the unused portion to some charity, and it turned out it was contaminated with something. Not a fun thought.

Good news, though: Disney’s already thought of this and come up with a solution:

Walt Disney World has agreed to work with Clean the World, a charitable organization committed to the prevention of illness and death caused by acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease in countries across the globe. Disney resorts will work with Clean the World to recycle all partially used amenities from all resort hotel rooms. Clean the World sanitizes those partially used soaps and shampoos to remove them from the trash stream and to distribute them to people in need around the world. By providing these soaps and shampoos to countries including Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uganda, Mali, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mongolia, and Romania, the organization hopes to keep people worldwide from dying from diseases that can be prevented with proper handwashing. In 2009, Clean the World processed and delivered over 230 tons of soap and other bathroom amenities worldwide.

I wonder how it’s “sanitized”? Is it just the biologicals that are removed? If someone put in a chemical pollutant into the bottle, would that be caught? I hope so.

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