The Appleseed Project and Common Sense

Take a few minutes out of your day and go over to the Appleseed Project page and read about what they’re trying to do. It’s a noble goal: to help reinvigorate the American tradition of the individual rifleman. To sum up, one of the main reasons why America has such a tradition of liberty is due to their tradition of great rifle marksmanship; or at least, that was a prime reason in the 1800’s. Today, not so much. This is a loose-knit group of riflemen passing on their skills to the next generation.

What made me want to post this today is the founder posted on his blog (a bit infrequent), and it reminded me that I need to get going on reserving a place for me and mine at an upcoming shoot. We’re not talking about some crazy boot camp thing here — most people use a .22 rifle to train with (much cheaper and easier to handle for beginners). Here’s bit of his blog post from today, explaining why this is so important:

In 20th century America, full of souls raised to have a high opinion of themselves – the so-called “high self-esteem” PC-dictatorship of the public educational system – well-meaning people who don’t have a clue, but no inhibitions about making everyone and everything jump to their confused thoughts – I mean, when did “humility” get banned as a positive human virtue? In the 20th century, I say, it didn’t have a chance.

Every gunowner knows he can shoot well – and if he can’t, his major concern is not to learn, but to stick his head in the sand. (It helps to shoot well, if you’ll find a bench to sit at, and a sandbag…)

2 responses to “The Appleseed Project and Common Sense

  1. I am glad you are considering attending an event. I have been running Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship and American Heritage events for several years now and one of the best things about these events are the people who attend Appleseeds.

    These are the best folks America has to offer. If you read the papers or you listen to the news you begin to think our nation is filled only with uncaring people who only wish to raid corporate retirement accounts, make war on the world and pollute the air we breathe.

    But the reality is, as a nation we are peopled with folks who want only the best for their families and communities.

    They just need a place to gather together and to remember what needs to be done to make sure we remain a nation where the freedoms and liberties entrusted to us by the founding fathers are safeguarded so that they can be handed down to those who will come after us. Our kids, grandkids, great grandkids and the millions of future Americans we will never meet or know.

    That is why I/we keep doing this. There is no money involved for instructiing, we are all volunteers. The only pay we get for devoting 25 60 days a year to running events across America is the satisfaction we receive from meeting the people who attend Appleseeds.

    From knowing what we are doing is helping our nation to remain the continuing experiment in freedom and liberty that so many men and women sacrificed their homes, fortunes and sometimes even their lives for, beginning on April 19,1775.

    And while you are at an Appleseed listening to the stories of the events of that day, you will get two days of the absolute best Fundementals of Rifle Marksmanship instruction available in America today.

    At the absolute rock bottom price of $70 for two days. And why such a low price for this when others are charging as much as ten times that price? Because we are not interested in making money, we are interested in making Riflemen.

    Wait, did I mention that Women and children under 21 shoot free? As do all men and women who are Active duty/Guard/Reserve.

    But wait, theres more….there is always more isn’t there? If you order now, there is still time to help your nation remain a nation where our freedoms and liberties are safeguarded. Still time to help Americans remember what it means to be an American.

    That being an American is not granted to you by virtue of being born in some location within our borders, but by fulfilling the sacred obligations you have to your family, your community, your state and your nation.

    By being the absolute best person you can be each and every day and making sure the people on the left and right of you are doing the same.

    And by attending an Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship event where you will meet folks who have the same desires as you. By spending the weekend becoming the master of your rifle, listening to exciting stories about the folks who started this nation and making a decision to become part of the solution.

    Wow, I bet the men and women of 1775 wish they would have had the choices we have. Spend a weekend shooting with your friends and neighbors, or spend eight long years in a terrible bloody Civil War without knowing how it is going to end. Remember, they did not know what the outcome would be when they began the conflict.

    We look forward to seeing you on the line Sir, and everyone else you can bring with you or reach with your blog here. We will have a nationwide, coast to coast, border to border series of events on the APril 17-18 weekend. Over one hundred simultaneous events nationwide to celebrate the men and women who stood together at Lexington Green, The north Bridge in Concord, and then those who fought along Battle Road, the twenty miles back to Boston on APril 19, 1775.

    Think about attending one of these events to help honor those men and women who stood together in an armed conflict so that we would never have to.

    You can find an April 17-18 location at and be sure to pre register if you plan on attending one of these events. They are filling fast with folks who want to become part of the history of of the rebirth of our nation, just like those folks on April 19,1775.

    Thanks for letting me add my comments to your piece, I look forward to hearing about your experiences at the Appleseed you are planning on attending.

    RWVA Master Rifle Instructor

  2. It should read 25- to 60 days a year, not 2560 days a year, though it does seem like it is that many long days sometimes 🙂

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