Yeah, There Are Things About Portland That Suck

A co-worker of mine pointed me to this site yesterday, Things About Portland That Suck. I’m slowly working my way through it as free time shows itself. It’s fairly obviously inspired from the sensation from a couple years ago, Stuff White People Like. (Incidentally, reading that entire book out loud to your wife actually works pretty well — so many opportunities for weird voices.) So, some of the Portland stuff is right on the money. For an example, I point you to #32: Happy Hour:

In the professional world, a work day never ends at 5. For the few times you have left before 5:30, I can only imagine the sheer guilt consuming you. Leaving before projects have been completed to provide the body with sustenance* will add to your unhappiness. Why are the old popular happy hour joints suddenly shortening their hours to 4-6? We can blame this decrease on the general popularity of happy hour, Californians, or point our finger at the Oregon Restaurant Association.

Preach on, brother! Yeah, I’d love to hit more happy hours. The 4-6 thing makes it nearly impossible for us, though.

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