More SWAT Abuse Thanks to the War on Drugs

This is apparently old news, but for in the corners of the blogosphere that I frequent, it’s only a day old. Last week, a rare video of a SWAT-type drug raid was posted to YouTube and it’s caused quite the uproar. As well it should. I know some law enforcement officers, and they’re good people. I’m sure a majority of them are. But there is a non-insignificant percentage of LEO’s that, I’m convinced, only got the job because they wanted to get paid to be a disgusting combination of Rambo and a middle school bully.

Radley Balko is absolutely right: this sort of thing happens way too often. You don’t need to trawl the news sites to find many more examples of these raids going bad. And for what? Because someone might have drugs in their house? This is probably the main reason I don’t call myself a Republican. They have proven time and time again that they are willing to throw out almost any individual right if they feel it just might help the War on Drugs. The Democrats are hardly better, either.

Watch the video and then read the account on Reason Magazine’s site by Mr. Balko. Any police that were involved in this raid should be outright fired. Period. Any police that act like this should be fired. Period. What would that mean? It would mean this sort of thing wouldn’t happen very much at all. And wouldn’t that be a shame? This is not how you treat citizens of these United States. This is not how people sworn to protect those citizens should act. The War on Drugs has done quite a bit to corrupt this country — much more than any drug at any amount could ever do.

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