Huge Homeschooling Success Story

This is a pretty amazing story about a homeschooled girl that shows just how successful homeschooling can be when combined with the right parents, the right plan, and I’m sure the most important piece of all, the right kid. It also just so happens that Dakota Root is the daughter of the Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate for 2008, so obviously we’re talking about a… motivated family. Read the Dad’s story first on Whiskey and Gunpowder. Here’s the beginning:

This is the story that the teachers unions wish had never happened. This is the story that proves all their hysterical demands for more money are nothing but a sham. This is the story that makes the unions and education bureaucrats sick to their stomachs. This is the personal story of my daughter Dakota Root.

A quick Google search on her names shows a write up on some site called Cyberspacers. It’s a good little bio of her, detailing her successes. As an aside, fencing is cool, to boot.

Homeschooling is quite a serious commitment, and isn’t for everyone, especially in the days that two income households are more often a reality than not. So this story certainly doesn’t mean everyone should homeschool, it does show that non-public school options not only can compete but far surpass the “regular” option. Of course, this is nothing new, especially if you browse anything in the libertarian or conservative world. But it’s a good reminder. I constantly find it amazing that parents put up with public school monopolies and the threats handed down from teacher’s unions and school boards alike. It’s nothing more than a naked display of what people will do to protect their power, and damn the consequences — included your kids and your freedom. From the first article referenced — well said:

The sad reality is that teachers unions and government aren’t the solution – they are the problem. Our public schools get worse every year, yet teachers unions demand more and more money. They get their money, it gets worse yet, and they demand even MORE. That is the definition of insanity. This is “Groundhog Day.” It isn’t working- and hasn’t since the day that government took over education in this country.

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