Let It Burn?

I’ve been holding onto this post for a while in my head, as you can tell by the age of the article I’m referencing: May 15th. It’s called Let It Burn, published on the American Thinker, and while pessimistic as all get out, it’s also flirting with the place my head’s been at for quite a while.

For the past hundred years, America has been slowly moving away from the principles of its founding. The ideals of liberty, individual achievement, limited government, and the equality of opportunity have been slowly supplanted by calls for security, class warfare, excessive regulation, and the equality of outcome. The passage of stimulus acts, bailouts, government takeovers of two U.S. automakers, and the health care overhaul prove that our movement away from 1776 has accelerated.

Read the whole thing, of course. The idea behind the piece is that we need to go much further into the darkness before we can come back into the light. I’ll believe that this country is ready to come back to the light of liberty when I see that a majority of people 50+ want to completely discontinue Social Security and Medicare. Until then, we as a people are not serious.

After reading this article, if you haven’t already, read “The Coming of the Fourth American Republic“. It describes the Special Interest State, and why our government, as it’s setup and running now, is absolutely guaranteed to fail at some point. Hopefully not for a long time, but there are way too many variables for anyone to a year on it. Hopefully we’ll wake up as a people well before that point and transition to something better instead of letting chaos dictate what our future is.

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