And In the News: More Anti-Semitism!

This whole “peace flotilla” thing in the news lately has been difficult for me — difficult to take those “morally outraged” at Israel as serious in any respect. I tried to explain my frustration with this to my wife the other day, and found that it was difficult. Thanks to Victor Davis Hanson, I can just link to him, though. He pretty much explains exactly my own thought processes and conclusions with this whole mess. Make no mistake — most of the people in the news with their underthings in a bunch are flat out anti-Semites. It’s difficult to have patience with racists.

It is hard to become much more influential than the doyen of the White House press corps, who is given a ceremonial front-rows seat at press briefings and press conferences. So when Helen Thomas suggested that the Israelis should leave their country and “go home” to Poland and Germany, this was not some obscure, eccentric anti-Semite, but a liberal insider who has come to enjoy iconic status and a sense of exemption from criticism.

Note that Ms. Thomas did not call for just a West Bank free of Jews. And she did not just wish for the elimination of the nation of Israel itself. Rather, Thomas envisions the departure of Israelis to the sites of the major death camps seven decades ago where six million Jews were gassed.

Read the whole thing, of course. What, you thought I’d copy and paste the whole column?

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