A Necessary Anthony Weiner Post

First off, yes, there are a dozen things that should be absorbing the public’s imagination right now before a Congressman’s sexual idiocy (read: ridiculous public debt). Agreed. That being said, I see people still defending Anthony Weiner, making all sorts of excuses for his behavior. Two quick points:

1. The guy inadvertently made his issues public when he sent the pic on Twitter. At that point, any claim to “his business” goes out the door. End of story.
2. The guy blatantly lied to everyone, most importantly his constituents and the American people. If he can lie so easily about this, what makes you think he’ll tell the truth on other matters?

The sad part is that if decides not to resign, he’ll probably be re-elected, since he’s in one of the safest, most lopsided districts in the country.

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