I discovered a newish free web service called ifttt, or “if this then that” that is just cool. It…

Originally posted on Google+

I discovered a newish free web service called ifttt, or "if this then that" that is just cool. It has the potential of solving a problem that I've been developing: too many information service apps on the web. There's Google+, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for social media. Then you have Google Reader for keeping up on your RSS feeds, followed by Instapaper for storing those posts to read later offline and/or without ads. You have personal blogs, such as on WordPress, and lastly, there's Evernote for permanent information location.

ifttt lets you create a workflow for putting all of these services together in a way that makes them more useful. For example, if you tweet something on Twitter, you can have it crosspost it to Facebook. If you post something on Google+, you can have it create a blog post for you on WordPress. If you make something as a favorite in Instapaper after you're finished reading it, you can have to store it in Evernote for permanent storage. Stuff like that.

I have high hopes for it — we'll see if it "just works", as it's supposed to.


Put the internet to work for you.

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