Last Men Standing: Losers

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the losers (literally — they all have suffered huge political loses in the past) that are leading the Republican race this year. Why are the second — or third — string players the last men standing this year of all years? It’s rare that a sitting president is so vulnerable during their reelection year as Obama is. You’d think the field would be a little more — impressive than it is.

While I don’t know the answer, one possibility that occurred to me is the financial problems our country faces is so insurmountable that the smarter, more capable ones see they’d just be the captain of a sinking ship. What’s the point in that? They don’t think they can fix it, and have a reasonable chance of being The Guy that’s in charge when the Schumer hits the fan. Not a great place in history.
So who’s left? Delusionary Megalomaniacs (Newt), Sent by God (Santorum), and the Inevitable (Romney).

Or… smart, capable, freedom loving people just generally don’t do well at politics in America these days. Probably more likely.

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