Charles Murray Quiz

Last week, I listened to an interview with Charles Murray on the Ricochet podcast that was pretty interesting. The hosts were all talking about their scores in some quiz, one being pretty embarrassed about getting 13 on it. So, after the podcast, I found some time to do some digging at take the quiz myself. The book’s Coming Apart, and it’s thesis, I believe, says that the leadership class of this country has consistently been veering away from the values, more, and culture of “middle America”. They’re living in a bubble. If this is the case, the danger to a representative democracy should be obvious. You can’t represent something you don’t understand. 

So, the higher the number, the more in touch you are with the center of this country. What did I get? 52! Being raised in a small town and working blue collar and service jobs when I was younger represented the bulk of the points. I’m pretty typical. Interesting questions, though. I suspect that the people you hang out with will usually have pretty similar scores, even if you don’t hang with the people you grew up with.

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