The big reason media DRM sucks: it enforces the fact you don’t own it, and makes your ability to …

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The big reason media DRM sucks: it enforces the fact you don't own it, and makes your ability to use it temporary. I honestly wonder how many people who buy digital movies or TV shows from Apple, Amazon, or Sony, buy apps from Apple or Google, or buy comics from Comixology understand that? This thought came up because of news that Comixology's big competitor in the world of digital comics,, is now getting out of the app business. People that have sunk money into building any sort of comic collection with them just heard the warning bell of that aforementioned time limit.Listen: I'm just saying to be clear about what you're buying when you get DRM-laced content. Never buy anything that you're not pretty much conformable with one day losing access to forever. If it's anything you want to have as you grow old, don't get it with DRM. It's that simple. Some things this makes sense: magazines and TV shows are good examples of things that most people consume once and done. Music is on the other end of the spectrum: most people would like to have access to their songs 10, 20, or 30 years down the road. Movie, books, and comics probably fall somewhere in the middle. Some people will re-watch or re-read them, and others will never revisit them. Think about it and decide where you are, and be aware that no matter how big and powerful the company that you buy your content from is, someday they will die, and likely you won't have access to whatever DRM'd thing you purchased from them way back when. An older, but great, post that I found musing about the concept of digital ownership in the comics realm is here: read it!

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