Around the Cart World: Week One — 808 Grinds

I don’t believe that this is an original idea, but it’s sure to be fun and interesting. Once a week, for likely about a year, I’m going to be going to each cart in the city a block away from Jive, clockwise and in order. I’ll post up here what I had, how much it cost, and a quick review of it. The wrinkle here is that I eat fairly strict paleo, which means, among other things, no grains whatsoever. For many carts, that won’t be an issue, but for others, it may be nearly impossible (that grilled cheese cart’s looking at me probably next spring — will I be able to figure that one out?).

Today’s cart was 808 Grinds, on the southeast corner of the cart city. For $7.00, I received a very generous helping of both Kalua Pork and Shoyu Chicken, served on a bed of shredded cabbage. For grain eaters, there’s usually rice and/or mac salad for the taking. For some sauces, I did a chile sauce and a wasabi mayonnaise. They were both fantastic. The meats were flavorful, juicy, and a little smoky. The sauces were good too, but most of it was consumed without their assistance. Other than a little soy sauce used on the chicken (and probably a little sugar), it was about as paleo as you’re going to get. They’ve definitely made my shortlist for go-to lunches when I’m in the mood for a repeat.

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