Around the Cart World: Week Two — Emame’s

Right next to 808 Grinds is a little card that serves up lunch with big, spicy Ethiopian flavor: Emame’s. For $7.00, I got the Siga Watt (slow cooked beef with lots of spices), collard greens, and bread made of teff, a gluten free grain, which is traditionally fermented when it’s used to make bread, which this was. And that was the stand out: it was tangy from the fermentation — I wasn’t expecting that. Even if you’re not gluten free, if you go there, spend the extra buck and get it — the experience is worth it. The meat and veggies were great — I mean, it’s slow cooked beef.This lunch ended up being pretty paleo, but not entirely. While teff is a grain, it is gluten free, and the phylates are pretty much negated during the fermentation process. It’s a bit carborific, but that’s OK. I give it an 8 out of 10, and I shall return, someday.

The menu:


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