Danica and I had one of our sporadic date nights last night, with Eve giving me a night putting the little…

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Danica and I had one of our sporadic date nights last night, with Eve giving me a night putting the little ones to bed as a Father's Day present. We got them pizza and went on our way a bit early to have a beer or two before the movie started. (Any other beer drinkers out there, if you haven't installed Untappd on your phone and friended me, what the hell?) I love Cinetopia, as long as you get your tickets early enough. They oversell on Groupon, probably to ensure a full house, so you need to get there earlier in the day to get your tickets.We watched Man of Steel. The previews and early reviews had my pretty excited about seeing it, and those hopes were born out. I loved the move. I'd say 4.25 capes out of a perfect 5, and a new definitive Superman movie for the times. The old Christopher Reeve movie was good, but a product of it's own times, and very much 1980's. This movie is darker, more realistic, and made to hook into your emotional center and pull hard. This is a study of Clark's/Kal's effort to come in terms with his dual identities of Earthling and Kryptonian, as well as focusing heavily on his relationship with his parents. I loved the nods to the fanboys too – look for Lexcorp and a certain 18 wheeler tanker scene.What kept it from a perfect 5 capes? I would have loved to see a deeper exploration of his relationship with Lois, and toward the end (and I hate saying this!), the violence got a little bit over the top. That's saying something for me (I loved the new Judge Dredd movie!).We saw it in 3D, and I think it worked better than most I've seen. Maybe they're figuring out the darkness issue, or maybe Cinetopia is figuring it out. I think it worked. So, highly recommended all around, especially for the comic book nerd out there.

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