Another Milestone for Grace

Today marked Grace’s last day in class at St. Anthony in Tigard. While she doesn’t actually graduate from 8th grade until tomorrow, she won’t be going back to school there again. It’s bittersweet, as most things are concerning your kids growing up. I remember when we took her out of public school and she started there in 3rd grade. 6 years she and her sister have been going there, and now that chapter of her life is closed. This is a summer of huge changes for the family, but especially for her.

The parents came and did a honk out for the students when we picked them up this morning. I don’t think the 8th graders knew about it at all, as they were kind of taken aback. I’d like to think it was mostly that they were appreciative of the show, but I have a feeling it was an equal part embarrassment. 🙂

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