So Many Last Things

When you’re moving across the country, and getting near to the actual trip, you start realizing how many things are very likely your last experience of that category. Things like a restaurant, a bar, a park, a weekly event you go to, etc. Last night I had my hair cut at a place I’ve been going for almost 20 years, if you can believe that. Hair M in Portland is a fantastic idea that, at least in our area, was ahead of its time. Sports on the TV, a beer, and really good quality cuts. They even used to have cigars when they first started (I don’t think they’ve had them in well over a decade, but it was still a cool idea). I’ll likely never go there again, and it’s surprisingly sad.

Funny thing is that my hair stylist was very concerned that I’d end up going to Great Clips or Super Cuts. I assured her I can probably find something a bit better in the Lake Sunapee Region. 🙂

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